Re-installation troubleshooting notes…

By on 22 mars 2012, in Boulot, Informatique, Libre Software, Licorn®, System administration

On the hardware side

  • I needed to wipe the GPT partition table on the SSD and create an MS-DOS partition, else the BIOS didn’t want to boot it.
  • I had to plug the SSD directly on the motherboard, else it wouldn’t boot from the [cheap] PCI SATA card (SiL chipset).

On the configuration side

After booting, I installed mdadm, and needed to rescan everything (via):

mdadm --examine --scan
mdadm --assemble --scan
cat /proc/mdstat 

Random notes

  • NEVER use mv without first checking destination free space or best: use rsync to copy and then delete source manually when copy is finished.
    This will save me lots of headaches trying to unison a partially transferred home directory which transfer failed because destination has not enough free space on the SSD. I already knew it, but learning from errors comes back the hard-way when you forget things.
  • when trying to transfer a lot of data (~ 120Gb) from an old PATA disk to another old PATA disk, put them on separate IDE channels, not master and slave on the same channel. You will save some time.