Strange things will happen…

By on 12 avril 2012, in Libre Software, Licorn®, System administration, Ubuntu, Work

During a dist-upgrade on my development machine (Ubuntu Precise Beta), I got:

  • a booted Ubuntu machine with no X (it starts, then shutdown a few seconds after)
  • a X-in-debug-mode which doesn’t start either (baaaaad!)

I checked /var/log/lightdm/x-0-greeter.log just in case and found:

** (process:21707): WARNING **: Error reading existing Xauthority: Error opening file: Permission denied
Error writing X authority: Error opening file '/var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority': Permission denied

Then the solution was:

sudo -s
cd /
setfacl -b .
chown root:root .
chmod 755 .

And don’t ask me why / suddently got an ACL owned by me (the UID 1000 account), I don’t know! Don’t ask me why any other directory didn’t get this ACL too, I still don’t know!.

It might be related to Licorn® somewhere, but I can’t seem to find how: Licorn® touches directories and applies ACLs only under /home.

Anyway, problem solved. Not an Ubuntu bug ;-)

  • ame

    I think that better solution for that is remove
    with sudo rights and then reboot.
    If you has same issue than me, I’m not sure.

  • ame

    Sorry, I just realised, that I misunderstand this first, I had issue, when only .Xauthority-files gets wrong priviledges.
    So, maybe someone else finds this tip helpfull.

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