Listen to iPhone music on my Ubuntu desktop

By on 13 mai 2012, in Informatique, Libre Software, System administration, Ubuntu

I followed the answer to this A2DP-related question on, and it worked flawlessly on my Ubuntu 12.04. To keep the thing summarized, I did:

  • edit /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf to add Enable=Source in the [General] section, and AutoConnect=true for my personnal convenience,
  • sudo service bluetooth restart,
  • eventually unpair/re-pair the computer/iPhone if they was previously paired,
  • pactl list sinks to get the name of my ALSA output,
  • pactl list sources to get the name of the audio source on the iPhone,
  • summoned the final magic with the command pactl load-module module-loopback source=bluez_source.F8_1E_DF_09_F8_0D sink=alsa_output.pci-0000_00_08.0.analog-stereo

And now my iPhone music plays on my computer speaker. Which is not better than the iPhone one. But I learned something about PulseAudio and bluetooth on Linux.

Next round — the real thing I was looking to achieve in the first place — is how to use my computer as a bluetooth phone headset, e.g I want to answer calls on the computer, hear the caller on the desktop speakers and speak via the webcam microphone. The only road seems to go via nohands, but the last compiled package for Ubuntu is for Natty and doesn’t install on 12.04 (it wants libaudiofile0 instead of the current libaudiofile1). As I have more important things to do, I will not backport it today ;-)